Antique Movers

Your family heritage is irreplaceable. North Park Transfer & Storage of Portland understands that. When it comes to your priceless family antiques and furniture, we know it’s important to get it right the first time so your items arrive safely during your move. Our professional movers have decades of experience specializing in antiques and antique furniture, and we will make sure to bring the right equipment to cover, secure and protect your fragile antique items during shipping. Entrusting your antiques to a company can be the most difficult decision to make during a move, so know that when you choose North Park Transfer & Storage of Portland, you are choosing the most experienced movers in the Portland area. Whether you’re moving from Downtown to Division or you’re moving out of the suburbs, North Park Transfer & Storage of Portland has your specialty antique shipping needs covered.

Preparing Your Antiques for Your Move

North Park Transfer & Storage of Portland specializes in the precise planning and care that moving your antique furniture and collectibles require. After all, antiques are not simply furniture. They represent memories and family history as well as our national heritage. These items are passed down through generation. Whether they are cabinets purchased from an antique shop all the way across the country or a dining set passed down from your great great grandmother, North Park Transfer & Storage of Portland knows how much these items represent about our collective heritage. There is no better shipping company to trust with your fragile antiques. Though we provide all the boxes, crates and protective padding needed to protect your antiques during shipping, there are a few things you can do to prepare your items before our professional movers arrive.

First, we recommend that you photograph and make a list of all the antique items and furniture that you will be shipping during your move. Make sure you highlight every detail of the items in your photos. This provides you with a list of all the antiques you will be shipping as well as a record of each item’s condition prior to your move. Next, North Park Transfer & Storage of Portland recommends that you have each of your antique items appraised by a professional prior to beginning your move. Your items increase in value with age, and it’s a great time to update your records while providing our movers with an estimate for insurance purposes. The American Society of Appraisers is a great place to start finding a professional to provide this service, and they provide a list online of local appraisers for your reference.

Antique Storage in Portland, Oregon

If you find it necessary during your move to put your antique items in temporary or long-term storage, North Park Transfer & Storage of Portland offers local storage facilities that are climate-controlled, dirt-and-dust-free and offer 15,000 square feet of warehouse storage space. Our facilities are inspected by the US Department of Defense three times per year, and our facilities are secure, with fully-armed alarm systems to keep your antique items safe during storage. While in storage, your items will be packed into unique padded containers to keep them safe and organized in the warehouse, and climate-controlled storage is a perfect option for your antiques that may be especially fragile and susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

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Planning your move with antique furniture should start from day one, not the day of your move. North Park Transfer & Storage of Portland will work with you to make sure your next move happens smoothly. We offer great service at a great price, so make sure to please contact us by phone at (844) 849-6567.